NORMCORE exhibition

If you are in #Budapest, check out this exhibition! It’s an amazing project, im so glad to get to know the fantastic Bori Ivicsis my muse and #design a special outfit for her! ” NORMCORE – Design for #disability culture showcases clothes made for people living with disabilities.  We borrowed the term #Normcore from #contemporary fashion theory, which describes the toolkit for an excessively simple, and extremely “normal” way of dressing. This concept is a perfect point of departure for examining what questions are worth asking about our relationship with #normality. Does a normal body exist? What is normal? What is our responsibility in the formation of these concepts in society? #Fashion design undoubtedly has an immense role and communicative potential in shaping this dialogue. The #exhibition displays designs which have been created for and in active collaboration with the affected. While the clothes fitted for #women living with a limb deficiency or for a #wheelchair user are completely functional and wearable pieces, they are at the same time carriers of social constructs, which prompt our prejudices regarding disability to be re-evaluated. ” by MOME TransferLab! You can see it 4th-10th of June in Allee shopping center!

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