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  • T-Symposium -Technology and Innovation

    The T-Systems Hungary Symposium is a unique, internationally recognized professional conference on digital technology and domestic innovation, designed to answer one of the most pressing questions of how the economy and society can keep pace, change with technology, and more with control development. Presentation: 11:26. 4:40 pm – 4:55 pm Zsófi Lévai: Fashion-tech – body…

  • Trafó Interview – Let it Be art

    Wearable algorithms, virtual self-portraits and filters, or encounter yourself on mobile screens from here and beyond. “We live in a world where the physical, biological and digital spheres are blurred and this affects us and our human relationships. We need to co-exist in both online and offline areas, and broadcast our whole lives all the…

  • NEW YORK Fashion Tech Week

    It was an honor to be invited to attend and have a presentation at New York Fashion Tech Week. The theme of my October 15 presentation is „Fashion Tech Workflow”. „Word economic forum predicts that 10 % of the population gonna wear clothes that are connected tot the internet by 2025. But who’s gonna make…

  • BONDING performance – TRAFÓ x KOLORADÓ

    June 21. Team Interknitting – Vibes & Stuff: Power of Proximity (installation and performance ) Installation / 15:00-21:00 Bonding-dance performance 21:00 és 21:30

  • HFDA Academy Fashion Flash III

    The HFDA Academy continues the series of events organized by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency. The Fashion Flash Roundtable speakers will discuss the “Smart Technology in Fashion”.

  • Moholy Nagy Laszlo Design Scholarship

    Great news, Zsófi Lévai won the Moholy Nagy Laszlo Design Scholarship in Budapest with her new idea for her next gamified garment-interface network collection called ROMP.

  • Power of Proximity x NEXTFESZT @ Trafó House

    BONDING = Power of Proximity x NEXTFESZT @ Trafó House 01.20.During January 16-25, 2019 NEXTFESZT is held for the third time in Trafó – The Contemporary House of Arts – Budapest.

  • Plot magazin

    Featured in Plot Magazin special edition BRAND NEW

    It’s a great honor to be featured in Plot Magazin. The main question in their special edition: “What are we will wear in the future?“ Check the edition

  • Creative Code Budapest Meetup#3

    In 2018 Rita Eperjesi started a new community called Creative Code Meetup for creative coders, new media artists, pixel tinkerers, arduino masters, nerds, habitants of virtual and augmented realities and curious people, who are anyhow connected to Budapest. Every month they are having a community Meetup and asking 3 people who works on the intersection…

  • WTVOX Interview about the “Power of Proximity”

    WTVOX is the most trustworthy media platform covering the intersection of fashion with technology, catering to a global audience of fashion lovers interested in innovative and sustainable fashion apparel wrote: “Following the notion of ‘Village Effect’, suggesting that our well being is closely tied up with our physical and social integration into our community, Zsófia’s…

  • Digital2018 – Cologne

    Zsófi Lévai’s new collection – Power of Proximity – has been invited to the Digital2018 Conference in Cologne as a Telekom Fashion Fusion Winner. Through an Interactive presentation it was shown how the garments communicate with each other. Together with partners such as Huawei, Microsoft, Samsung, SAP and the Federal Association for Small and Medium-sized…

  • ISWC with “Power of Proximity”

    Power of Proximity has been accepted to the ISWC Conference Singapore as part of the Design Exhibition. For a whole week the collection was exhibited among other interactive garments.  Zsofi also published a scientific paper to go along with the collection. Find the publication: ACM Digital Library Here are a highlights of the event.

  • BCEFW roundtable discussion

    Budapest Central European Fashion Week presents the Fashion & Technology Round Table where international experts discuss key topics affecting the fashion and technology industries. The Future of Textile What will the use of innovative textiles look like? How are materials changing? How will the industries of technology, art and textiles collide? How is future of…

  • POWER OF PROXIMITY goes Singapore

    Zsófi Lévai’s new collection – Power of Proximity – has been accepted to the ISWC Conference Singapore as part of the Design Exhibition. Because the collection was one of the winners of Telekom Fashion Fusion, Deutsche Telekom are supporting the collection to travel and exhibit at ISWC.  “It’s a great honour to be featured in…


    It’s an honor to be posted on the well known site of high quality fashion, contemporary design & products, established by Raffael Payr. Thanks for the nice words about my new collection! “I had the pleasure to meet the super talented and creative Zsófi Lévai from Hungary and try out her pieces. Her creative concept called Power of Proximity” makes human…


    SLEEK magazine wrote: Given that younger generations are constantly on the move, Lévai sees “Power in Proximity” as a way of helping future young people adapt to changing lifestyles and ever-shifting social circles. “My generation are constantly in motion: we move apartments a lot, we even live in different countries for a few months or…


    I won with my team the 2nd Prize at TELEKOM FASHION FUSION competition 2018! It was a fantastic program, with an amazing team, great 4 month being in the accelerator period and creating my new interactive knitwear collection!! Thanks for the lot of support I’ve got!! Check out my interview filmed by the team of RTL: Blinkender…

  • BCEFW – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

    Presentation, about the contemporary Fashion-Tech scene – where the arts meet technology – and her collection called INTERKNITTING, which won the “Best Hungarian Designer” prize at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Central Europe 2017 Várkert Bazár: 2018. 04.27 15:45 PM 2018.04.28 16:45 PM

  • ARTMAGAZIN 5 designers to watch

    It’s an honor to be listed amongst the 5 up and coming designers to watch by Pál Koós, the Head of the Design Institute Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. Here is what he said about my work, thanks for the nice introduction: She graduated in 2017 with an MA in Fashion and…

  • Come along to smART! XTRA

    I’m taking part in a great event, where I’ll present INTERKNITTING. “As part of the smART! XTRA series of interactive presentations, audiences are invited to find out more about interdisciplinary forms of collaboration between different areas of the arts and creative industries, through a number of ongoing projects. Textures event will focus on experimental materials,…

  • Marie Claire interview

    Thanks for the great interview Marie Claire magazine! In the article I share my thoughts on the fashion-tech scene internationally. You can also find out more about the background of my interactive collection INTERKNITTING. View more form Marie Claire

  • Highlights of Hungary

    Every year Highlights of Hungary chooses the most interesting and outstanding projects of the year. It is a public vote so you can vote for me on this page between January 4-24!

  • PS Magazin Interview

    “I am honored to be invited to Berlin Fashion Week in January to introduce my collection in the special Fashion-Tech section, so I’m preparing for that.

  • WINNER – The Best Hungarian Designer

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Gombold Újra – 2017 The international jury at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe selected Zsófia Lévai as the year’s Best Hungarian Designer from among the finalists who presented their smart fashion themed collections.

  • FINALIST – Gombold Újra – 2017

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Design Terminal – Gombold Újra – 2017 It is a great honour for me to be selected as a finalist in this competition from participants in 8 countries.

    MOME Fashion Show

    My Collection on the Catwalk After a lot of work, my collection is finally presented for the first time in public. Many thanks to everyone who helped to make it happen!

  • MOME_diplomakiàllitas_lakosmate-1024x684.jpeg

    Master of MOME

    Fashion and Textile Design MA I had a great 2 years at the Masters programme in MOME. I was able to develop new ideas and to experiment.

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