June 21. Team Interknitting – Vibes & Stuff: Power of Proximity (installation and performance )

Installation / 15:00-21:00

Bonding-dance performance 21:00 és 21:30

Imagine that you enter a room full of strangers. As you walk around you know who you have the most in common with by looking at the signs on the garments they are wearing and the conversation can begin. Spend quality time together and let’s bond.

There are many devices and apps that aim to bring us closer together, but in practise we spend more time with our screens than with people. Zsófia Lévai’s fashion-tech collection gets people off screen but gives them the same experience they’ve learned from being online. The Power of Proximity uses technology to bring us together like Tinder integrated into fashion but face to face in real time.

In this collection she used Instagram data to determine the users favourite spots and then use an algorithm to match-make the users. In this way we can use technology to develop our offline relationships.

Krisztina Gáspár and Frederika Burvall hip-hop dancers have choreographed a dance piece to interpret the possibilities of the collection called ‘BONDING’.

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