FINALIST – Gombold Újra – 2017

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Design Terminal – Gombold Újra – 2017

It is a great honour for me to be selected as a finalist in this competition from participants in 8 countries.

Design Terminal is organizing Gombold újra! Central Europe for the seventh time this year. The aim of the competition, launched in 2011, is to strengthen regional cooperation and support emerging Central European designers, giving them a chance to showcase their collections to an international audience in the final show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central-Europe.

How to intergrate technology into everyday clothing? How do you imagine the future of fashion? How technology will change the fashion industry? The fourth industrial revolution is happening now, slowly changing the way we look at the clothes we wear. Thanks to the rapid changes in the field of technology and intelligent textiles, our clothes will be able to communicate with our bodies and with our smart devices.

The contionous search for distruptive, innovative technologies could help designers solve the problems of the present-day fashion industry, optimize waste in supply chains, and create new, more sustainable business models. Key words: smart fashion, wearable technology, robotics, smart textiles, Virtual Reality (VR), Artficial Intelligence (AI), smart work-wearables, functionality, silent technology, 3D printing, etc. The source of inspiration can appear both visually and through the production technique and materials.

#Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Central Europe

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