WINNER – The Best Hungarian Designer

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Gombold Újra – 2017

The international jury at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe selected Zsófia Lévai as the year’s Best Hungarian Designer from among the finalists who presented their smart fashion themed collections.

Zsófia graduated from MOME Fashion and Textile Design. The Interknitting Experimental Dress Collection was created as her master work.

“I wanted to focus on a special kind of Human-Computer Interaction where clothing can act as a flexible interface around your body, and can give an added perception. My inspiration was to use haute couture garments to translate basic human interactions. When we see each other, when we hear each other, when we try to read the other’s body language, or such intimate communication as when we touch each other or when we resonate with each other because we spend more and more time together.” said the young designer.

This prestigious award is the biggest prize for young designers in Central and Eastern Europe and with it Zsófia will get advice and support from the national trade board with a view to launching her work on the International market.

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